Effectively employing technology

Our products are designed to stretch existing global resources well beyond the current capacities. We've already invested over a quarter of a million dollars, and we're investing even more.


Advisory Council

We are growing our company by recruiting independent, innovative thinkers with broad management experience in established companies and diverse industries. Learn about our Advisory Council.


The facts are staggering

With 210 million licensed drivers, the U.S. used about 385 million gallons of gasoline per day in 2015. With more than 323 million people in the U.S., that is about a gallon of gasoline every day for each citizen.



RGR Prospectus - March 2010

March 2010
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What We Do

We provide financial resources and direction for new products that deliver simple, efficient energy return for energy expended.

  • Develop and create energy solutions
  • Integrate technologies
  • Secure patents
  • Invest
  • Market
  • Consult

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